38 Barracks is an army themed restaurant located in the outer circle of CP. Gate No. 4 of Rajiv Chowk Metro Station happens to be the nearest one if commuting by the metro.
It serves North Indian, Italian, Asian and American cuisines.

The décor takes inspiration from the army forces.It had faux animal heads and rifles hanging on the walls of the ground floor.


Pretty table lamps and photo frames hanging with black and white photos showing armymen and and the map of India were present too.
Also, Army accolades and mirrors hung on the walls were interspersed with pleasing floral decorations near the entrance.



A special mention to the wonderful singer with a soothing voice singing soft melodies, one after another without taking any break to my surprise. The transition between the songs was so smooth that we barely noticed! Kudos to him for keeping us entertained throughout!


We started off with the appetizers which included the vegetarian ones – Poha Crusted Hara Kebab, Grilled Cottage Cheese with BBQ, Spanakopita, Bocconcini Tomato Pisto Roll and Chukunder Ke Kebab.

The Poha Crusted Hara Kebab was crispy with a good amount of spinach and was served with mint chutney and onion rings. Same was in the case of Chukunder Ke kebab expect that they had a filling of beetroot.


The Grilled Cottage Cheese with BBQ was melt-in-mouth soft with a BBQ sauce and sauteed veggies topping.


The Bocconcini Tomato Pisto Rolls was cheese rolled into tomato forming small circular structures topped with mint chutney and placed on wooden skewers.


The Spanakopita was a Greek flaky pastry with a filling of spinach.


The non-vegetarian starters included Chicken Asparagus Roll with Citrus Pimento, Mutton Seekh Bairagi and Spicy Chicken Panko Strip.

The Chicken Asparagus Roll had chicken with a hint of Asparagus and was garnished with Citrus Pimento leaves.


It is very common to find the Mutton Seekh Kebabs to be overspiced but this wasn’t the case in their Mutton Seekh Bairagi.


The Spicy Chicken Panko Strip wasn’t spicy but had chicken coated in a crunchy, fried outer layer.

I tried their Kiwi Shikanji which was oversweet. I also had their Mixed Fruit Punch in which I was asked to choose two fruits.I chose Kiwi and Strawberry,asking the server to not add any sugar syrup.


In the main course, we had the Indian curries – Subz Malak Miloni, Dal Makhani, Kadhai Paneer, Zafrani Tarkari Biryani and Dhaniya Murgh Masala with assorted Indian breads and salad.


The Subz Malak Miloni consisted of vegetables in a spinach based gravy. The spinach flavour was dominant over the veggies used.
The Dal makhani though not as thick as I expected, tasted good.
However, the same could not be said about the Kadhai Paneer, which to my disappointment tasted stale.


The Zafrani Tarkari Biryani had beans,cauliflower, green chillies and carrots with the rice bursting with flavours.
Dhaniya Murgh Masala had tender chicken cooked in a curry with Indian spices and was delicious although one couldn’t get the taste of coriander.


The salted Raita served alongside had chopped tomato and cucumber.

In desserts , we opted for frozen Nitrogen icecream topped with a sugary kiwi and strawberry syrup served with brownie and marshmallow. It was garnished with caramel, grapefruit and mint leaves.


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