Factory by Sutra is a microbrewery located in the main market of Sector 29, Gurgaon. It is located at a distance of 1.5 km from Iffco Chowk Metro station on the yellow line. It serves North Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisine along with finger food.

It has a provision for WiFi, live sports screening and live music along with the availability of a full bar.The interiors have a raw, undone look to them to create the rugged ambience of a factory with exposed uneven red bricks throughout. The servers were quite efficient and polite.

In the starters , we had Dilli 6 Golgappe, Kurkuri Bhindi Nachos, Lemon garlic Fish, Chilli Mushroom, Nawabi Roasted Chicken and Laal Maas Pav.

I loved the Dilli 6 Golgappe stuffed with Bhelpuri and chutneys which had a good play of textures and flavours. The Kurkuri Bhindi Nachos were crispy okra fried in masala and served with mint yogurt.


The Lemon Garlic Fish was a soft and juicy grilled marinated fish topped with a creamy sauce and a hint of garlic and lemon. Highly recommended
Chilli mushroom consisted of crispy fried mushrooms tossed with green onion and spices.

The Nawabi Roasted Chicken was quite appetizing. Lal Maas Pav was an interesting take on the traditional Paav Bhaaji, being served with Rajasthani mutton curry famously known as Laal Maas instead of the usual Bhaji. I was relieved to realise that it wasn’t too spicy as Rajasthani curries are usually expected to be.


We ordered Dal factory, Paneer Do Pyaza, Factory Special Kaleji, Chettinad Vegetable, Kadhai Chicken, Lahori Mutton Curry, 1950’s Butter Chicken and Butter Chicken Khichri in the mains.

Paneer Do Pyaza was a variation of a spicy yet yummy Kadhai paneer. Factory special Kaleji was goat liver chopped in small pieces and fried in Indian spices. Chettinad Vegetable was a mixed vegetable curry with carrot, beans and peas.


The Kadhai Chicken was chicken in a flavoursome thick spicy masala gravy. Though slightly spicy for my taste, it was toothsome. Lahori Mutton curry had finely chopped mutton infused with gravy.

The 1950’s Butter Chicken was delicious with succulent small pieces of chicken infused in a creamy and rich gravy with a slight tinge of sweetness. The Butter Chicken Khichri was palatable as well and an awesome twist to the humble Khichdi. I had the Virgin Sangria and Orange juice alongside the food to quench my thirst and both were nice.

For desserts, we tried Chocolate Lava Cake, Apple crumble, Brownie and Chocolate Rum balls. The Chocolate Lava Cake and Apple Crumble were average and slightly noticeably salty while the Brownie with icecream was good.

The chocolate rum balls though , were addictive with delectable chocolaty goodness and just the right amount of sweetness. I was expecting them to taste bitter due to the rum but they hardly did , leaving me pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended.


Last but not the least, we were shown the live cocktail show using a vodka based cocktail with a strong flavour of peppermint. It was demonstrated with the help of inverted glasses placed on top of each other, terminated by the glass having the drink and lighting the liquor producing flames.

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