Indigo Delicatessan is a casual dining restaurant located in the hub of eateries that is Cyberhub. It serves European and continental cuisines. It has an outdoor seating with potted plants lining the entrance. The furniture used is wooden with a soft yellow lighting present inside. It offers all day breakfast starting at 9 am with a wide array of items on the menu.


I was invited to review the place and went with two others to try their expansive menu. Chef Rahul Gomes greeted us and recommended the dishes after getting to know our preferences.

We were served breads with flavoured butter and their in-house mustard pickle on arrival.

Being the health-conscious foodie that I am, I ordered their Sweet lime, Orange and Kiwi Cold-pressed juice blend and loved it. We then ordered their Watermelon, grape, pomegranate and mint and ; red apple, orange and ginger Cold-pressed juice blends to complement our meal.

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I was pleased to notice that the combinations of the juice blends had been thoughtfully made so as to be nutritive as well as taste good too. For instance – As apple contains iron, it had orange along with it which has Vitamin C and helps in the absorption of Iron with an additional hint of ginger acting as a digestive. The Black forest ice tea topped with whipped cream was refreshing and had a unique flavour.

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In salads, we had their Citrus salad and Poached Pear salad. The former was a summer fruit salad having different limes, Mesclun (mixed baby greens) with Feta cheese in a dressing of extra virgin olive oil. It was refreshing and light.

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The latter had wine poached pear slices with an Arugula dressing of Apple cider vinaigrette. It might be liked by wine lovers.

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Next, we were served their mustard flavoured lentil soup which had mustard seeds, the flavours of which were reminiscent of Indian curries. The staff was courteous with Ms. Gamma being an attentive and efficient server.


We had a vegetarian Half and Half pizza which had the toppings of Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and capers on one side while the other consisted of three peppers and three cheeses namely Red, yellow and green bell peppers with Scamorza, Fresh mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses with Bhavnagri chillies.

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The other one was non-vegetarian BBQ chicken and Spanish Pork Chorizo Half and Half Pizza. It had the toppings of barbeque sauce tossed chicken with cheddar cheese on one half and Spanish Pork Chorizo with Scamorza cheese on the other half.

The base of both pizzas was quite thin and crispy with their in-house tomato sauce spread on it but somewhat oily with the chicken being a bit dry and chewy.

Then we were served the vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. The former had roasted vegetables and garlic spinach with Emmental cheese in multigrain bread while the latter had a filling of creamy chicken, roasted pineapple, bell pepper and lettuce mix in a thousand island dressing in Ciabatta bread.



The sandwiches were delicious with adequate amount of filling and a side of grilled vegetables.

This was followed by the main course which comprised of BBQ Pork ribs, Roasted Chicken, Mushroom risotto, Prawns in lemon butter sauce and Salmon with grilled veggies.

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The oven roasted chicken was served with mashed potato and red wine jus sauce. It was a bit dry and oversalty. The Mushroom risotto had three mushrooms, namely- Porcini, Shiitake and Wild mushroom and had been cooked in Port wine which gave it a mildly sweet flavour. Thus, it can be well-liked by people who don’t prefer alcohol (due to its bitterness) as well.

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The prawns in lemon butter sauce were subtly flavoured and were soft. Likewise , the Salmon was also tender and had grilled veggies like Zucchini, Broccoli, Bok choy along with butter sauce to complement it.


In the desserts, we were served the Orange cheesecake with berry compote, Roasted hazelnut ice-cream, Gooey brownie with vanilla ice-cream and Apple Pie with Dulce De Leche ice-cream.



The Orange cheesecake had a nice moist texture although I personally don’t like this flavour in desserts. The Gooey Brownie was quite average while the roasted hazelnut ice-cream was amazing.


The apple pie was well baked with properly caramelized apple cubes and adequate cinnamon while the Dulce De Leche ice-cream made with condensed milk was quite rich and delicious.

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