Renowned food writer Ms Sangeeta Khanna along with Chef Alok Verma leaded a live cooking session at the Imperial Culinary Club showcasing gluten-free healthy tea time snacks.


While talking about the benefits of a gluten free diet, she pointed out that a number of people are intolerant of gluten resulting in digestive problems, inflammation etc while others must be encouraged to follow suit as the diet is easy on the stomach.

The Chef  gave a twist to the traditional snacks like Samosa with consultation of Ms Khanna to make Ragi Samosas with a filling of cucumber, peas and cashews served with a mint chutney.

Ms Khanna recommended baking the traditionally fried snacks or using cold-pressed oils to maintain the nutritional value. She deemed Ghee as a superfood which provides good fats.

Audience glued on to the Live Cooking of gluten free recipes at The Impe...

Vijay Wanchoo, Senior Executive Vice President & General Manager, the Imperial, New Delhi shared that the session was an addition to the previously held 37 sessions at the Imperial Culinary Club where interactive sessions on a live station are held to teach gourmet recipes to the participants.

Other snacks demonstrated in the live cooking session included the Amaranth flour, carrot, raisin and walnut cookies, Buckwheat blinis sandwich with beetroot and Feta cheese, Fresh water chestnut panacotta with pecan nut and honeycomb. These made use of alternate flours which have more fibre and thus lower GI apart from being gluten-free.